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Wednesday, February 26 at 8:00pm

Script Night:
Thursday, February 27 at 6:00pm

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Ann Hathaway will be a junior at Our Lady of Grace this fall. She is absolutely thrilled to participate in her third C. Hook production! Other shows include Hair Spray, Lil' Abner and Little Mary Sunshine. Ann is very honored to have been selected this year to represent her school in Washington D. C. She would like to thank Dr. A and Mrs. A for all their hard work and for this amazing experience.

This is Ron's first year with C. Hook Theater. He has performed with PPJT for the past 4 years and his hobbies include cup stacking, stamp collecting and learning to drive. Ron hopes to attend Art School and become a billboard designer. Ron wants to thank Dr. A and his entire staff for the hard work and dedication that makes all this possible and a special thanks to all his family and friends.

Matthew Broderick is a senior at Richmond High School . He was in Peter Pan Junior Theater for 3 years. This is his 1st C. Hook Production. Matthew enjoys playing baseball, surfing and making independent films about his pet duck Randolph. He is going to study Paleontology in college. He would like to thank his family, friends and the production team for making this a wonderful experience.

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Actors/Parents Contract
  • Each actor is issued one script that is theirs to keep - Replacement scripts can be purchased for $5.00.
  • Producing shows at C. Hook Theater requires a lot of support and energy from everyone. Parents are expected to participate by volunteering on a committee.
  • All fees must be paid on time.
  • Cast members must be picked up on time after each rehearsal and performance. Please plan on arriving five minutes early.
  • Rehearsals are closed - directors and production team members only in rehearsal area.
  • Please communicate well in advance with the production manager if a rehearsal must be missed.
  • The production manager, Mr. Archer, can be contacted via email at or by text/cell at (619) 851.8930.
  • All communication should be directed to the production team, not Dr. Arapostathis.